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Fire Restoration Process


THE FIRST STEP: Fire and Smoke Damage Assessment

Before we can provide you with effective fire damage restoration solutions, we have to assess the extent of the damage to your building. During the assessment, we will determine exactly how much damage was caused by the smoke, soot, and the heat from the fire.As part of our assessment service, we will also try to salvage as many of your property fixtures and structural components as possible. In many cases, a thorough cleaning is sufficient to restore an item.We conduct our assessment in accordance with all the relevant safety codes and building regulations to ensure that, upon completion of our restoration services, your home is completely safe and that the property’s structural integrity meets all requirements.When we conclude our assessment, we will furnish you with a professional fire restoration recommendation and quote. We will also provide you with a detailed description of the damage to your property so that you can make an informed decision.


THE SECOND STEP: Fire Damage and Soot Clean-up

After assessing the fire damage to your property, Clean Restoration & Recovery, Inc.’s team will move forward with a complete fire and smoke damage clean-up. Thoroughly cleaning all the soot and stains from all the surface can make a significant difference to your home’s dark and charred appearance and will allow for more effective restoration and rebuilding.

As part of our clean-up services, Clean Restoration & Recovery, Inc. will also get rid of water that may have accumulated because of a damaged water tank, pipe, or roof. We will also remove any furniture and other items that are damaged beyond repair.

Our clean-up services will also eliminate any health risks and, depending on the extent of the fire damage, can even allow you to move back into your home.


THE THIRD STEP: Tarp & Sealing Services

After cleaning your home, the next objective is to prevent further damage as the result of a water influx or exposure to the elements.

A fire can leave the interior of your home vulnerable to water leaks, mostly because of damage to water tanks, pipes, burst windows, and a leaking roof.

Water damage can reduce your property’s structural integrity, resulting in mold-growth, and affect the condition and functionality of structural components such as ceilings, drywall, and doors.

Before moving forward with any fire damage restoration services, Clean Restoration & Recovery, Inc.’s priority is attending to water leak sources and isolating them to prevent further damages and costs.


THE FOURTH STEP: Soot and Smoke Odor Removal Services and Deodorization

Although a thorough clean-up will improve the appearance of your home after a fire, the smell of smoke and soot may still linger. Clean Restoration & Recovery, Inc. offers high-quality soot and smoke odor removal services and deodorization to ensure that your home smells fresh.

As a fire burns material like wood, textiles, and plastics, it creates smoke which consists of gaseous chemicals and a particulate called soot. During a fire, the smoke moves through your home and the soot settles in all the small openings and fibers that comes into contact with the smoke.

Since smoke particles are caustic, they can be damaging to the areas where they land. Soot is fine powder carbon residue that is toxic and can result in allergies and irritation if they are not entirely removed.

Getting rid of the soot in these hard to reach areas requires specialist equipment and skills. Clean Restoration & Recovery, Inc. has a wide range of equipment to remove soot particles and deodorize the interior of your home, including air filtration systems that circulate the air through True HEPA and activated carbon filters.

Complete removal of smoke odors is a significant step in the fire damage restoration process. Our smoke removal services are also essential to ensure that there are no health risks to you or your family.


THE FIFTH STEP: Rebuild & Restoration

At Clean Restoration & Recovery, Inc., we understand that dealing with fire damage can be an emotional and frustrating experience, especially in the case of severe damage. When providing fire damage restoration and repair services, we go to great lengths to accommodate your specific needs and financial requirements.

Because you and your family want to move back into your home, we prioritize fire damage restoration to complete the job as soon as possible. Our rebuilding and restoration services are comprehensive and consist of rebuilding structural components, built-in cabinets, and roofs.

We also offer complete renovation services in the case of severe damage. During the fire damage restoration phase, we will remove all building materials like appliances, furniture, and flooring. We will then rebuild all cabinets and install new fixtures like faucets.

If a fire damaged your home, it might be worth your while to make use of the opportunity to make the improvements to your home that you always wanted. Not only will this make you feel better about the unfortunate incident, but it can improve the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your home.

Clean Restoration & Recovery, Inc.’s team has extensive experience in dealing with house fire damage. We understand the remedying process involved, and we have all the necessary equipment to take care of your home while accommodating your specific needs.”

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